Old Photographs #6
It has been a little while since I uploaded any of my grandfather’s old photographs. The process can be very cathartic but it can also make me feel rather blue. I was so overcome with emotion after scanning these photos, I had to take a bit of a break. This particular series is very important to me. In fact, the first photo is the very first photo that I remember. My earliest memory of a photograph. The photo that made me want to take photos.

I admit, I burst into tears when I saw the original in this old leather-bound photo album that I am currently archiving. My grandfather was only about 16 when he took these, at a training camp somewhere in Alberta. He ended up contracting tuberculosis and was unable to go to war; however, his friends did - and not all returned. It is hard to for me to fathom the loss of innocence that took place after the period these photos were taken.

Anyways, I am going to put together a book of all these photographs once I finish restoring them. They are just too brilliant to keep to myself.
  1. picsea said: so great !! and what a lovely dedication to bind a book for your grandfather too !
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